Agar Khan

The Sanguine Shadow


Slender, handsome, and tightly muscled, Agar is slightly smaller than the average human. He has angular features and high cheekbones, and his pointed ears give away a hint of an elven heritage. His raven-black hair is thick and full, and he always seems in need of a shave. His skin is dusky brown from years in the sun, and he walks with a mild limp from an injury that never completely healed.


Agar was born into the streets of Memnon in Calimshan to a tavern singer and entertainer named Liara. Bastard born along with his twin-brother Aran, he spent the first few years being raised alone by his mother. Not much was known about his father, other than the obvious elven heritage both twins had aquired.

Liara was a talented bard, and taught her boys much in the ways of dealing with people. Agar absorbed many of the lessons and turned out to be quite the charismatic little rascal. Memnon could be a rough place to raise young ones however, and when her debt became too much to handle, Liara sold off both her sons to a wealthy, abusive merchant in Calimport.

This betrayal was enough to put a block on Agar’s emotions. He hid from the world with a mental wall of cynicism and later anger. After enduring the merchant’s abuse for little more than a few weeks, Agar and Aran managed to escape into the streets of this new, unkown metropolis. Strangers in a new city, Agar and his brother was taken in by a thieves’ guild ruled by a wealthy noble named Pasha Vardani. Vardani taught young Agar and Aran the tricks of the trade, instructing them in the basics of fighting and helping them master stealth. As they practiced, they flourished, becoming efficient and deadly spies and assassins in Calimshan.

A few years later, Agar was sent to Memnon, to spy on a rival guild. During his stay he accidentaly came across his mother, Liara, as she left some rich merchant’s house. Blinded by hatred of her betrayal, he stalked her through the streets, and as she entered a dark alley, he confronted her about the past. She was found the next day, with a curved daggert through her heart. By the time she was found, Agar had left Memnon for the last time.

At the behest of Pasha Vardani, Agar and Aran was later sent north to the Sword Coast, to infiltrate a certain cult operating in the area. Vardani belived there was big opportunities to profit on the cults business, and so dispatched the Khan twins. During the weeks and months the journey demanded, life was starting to look alot brighter. The open road and good company made the brothers grow closer and Agar once again felt alive and happy.

Their business took them to the area around Baldur’s Gate, and it was here they successfully infiltrated the Cult of the Dragon. At the beginning, there was not much activity to brag about, but after a few weeks, things were starting to happen. Several times high ranking members of the cult had shown up at their camp, and apperantly big things were happening.

Curious as to the reason for this surge of activity, they tried to get closer to the leaders. Appearantly working better than expected, they met face to face with several of the high ranking members in semi-private talks. It was however, a fatal mistake.

It turned out the leaders realized they were not who they said they were, and so one night, cultists came sneaking to their camp, sharp blades flickering in the moonlight. Both twins met the would-be assassins head on, but their numbers became too much. Agar watched as his brother was cut down by a large half-dragon, just before he was stabbed by a spear, slowly feeling the world around him turn to darkness.

Agar woke later in a ditch, dumped unceremoniously with the corpse of his twin brother. Despite the grave wound, he clung to life and managed to stumble to a nearby town called Greenest. After being sufficiently recuperated, he went back to find his brother’s corpse, and gave it a proper burial below a towering oak in the forest. With his mind now turned to vengeance, he wrote down the names of the ones responsible for his brother’s death. The human cultist Frolam Mondath, a half-orc named Bog Luck, and finally his brother’s killer, the half-dragon Rezmir.

Beware the shadows, for death hides within them.

Agar Khan

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