Enya Elanessë Keres [DECEASED]

Female Half-Elf, Bard. Initiate at the Fochlucan Lyrist College of Valor in Baldur's Gate.


Before you stands a tall and noble half-elf woman. She has a youthful appearance, pointed ears because of her elvish lineage, a slender body and a beautiful smiling face, her long hair is red and her intense blue eyes with flecks of gold. She moves with keen elven agile and grace.

She is clad in studded leather armor, hanging on her right hip is a sword-scabbard carrying a rapier and on her back hangs a shortbow and a quiver. Around her neck is a holy symbol of Tymora. On her tunic is the House Keres Family Tabard.



Enya Keres was born and raised in the city of Baldur’s Gate. She is from the Noble house Keres. Her mother his Leona Keres, a human female in her mid 40’s. Leona used to work at the Elfsong Tavern, but quickly adapted to the life of a noble when she met Finwë – and gave birth to Enya. Her father is Finwë Elanessë Keres, now a wealthy elven merchant – selling potions and his arcane services. Finwë is a retired adventuring-eldritch knight, skilled in both swordsmanship and magic. He used to explore Faêrun together with the legendary Balduran the seafaring explorer. Finwë retired right before Balduran set sail for Anchorome – Regardless Balduran was very pleased, and granted Finwë a noble title in Baldur’s Gate. Baldur’s Gate has grown immensely since that time.

Even though Enya has always been a little rebel and not always done what her parents wants her to do – they still have high hopes for Enya and her future. They did not want an easy and spoiled life for her. If she is to take over the household one day, she must be strong and prove herself capable first, so her training started at an early age. Enya was at first trained by her Father in the arts of swordplay and magic, he also taught her the language of the dragons, draconic. She studied in the Lady’s Hall, the Temple of Tymora – Learning about persuasion, negotiation, arcane knowledge and history.

In her spare time Enya prefers to sing and play music with her flute. Her voice and melody has an almost magical soothing and enthralling effect.
Not very fond of filling her life with duties and being told what to do – and where to be at every hour – she is prefers her individual freedom and she wants to make her own decisions. Self-centered, free-spirited and good of heart describes Enya well.

Not long ago Enya was invited to join up with the Fochlucan Lyrist College of Valor in Baldur’s Gate. For now she is an initiate at the College – having to prove herself capable before full membership is granted.
Those who aspire to join the Fochlucan College face a long and difficult road. The great bards who lead the school choose only individuals who have demonstrated skill at arms and stealth, learning and cleverness, superb talent with instruments and an ear for the stories of old. Fochlucan lyrists adventure to gain information. They are spies and rumormongers, ever on the watch for news of events that may upset the balance they seek to preserve. A lyrist can serve as a diplomat, messenger or assassin, as needed.

The Fochlucan College of Valor are allies with the Order of the Gauntlet. Training their members together – Onthar Frume, a human paladin of Torm from the Order of the Gauntlet has served as Enya’s teacher and mentor so far during her time at the College. Now Onthar has found Enya both ready and worthy of a greater test. He has asked her to travel to Greenest in search of rumors of increasing dragon activity.
Eager to prove herself – Enya has accepted this task from her mentor. Finally a chance to shine – this opportunity was presented to her because she deserved it, not because of her noble title.

During the infiltration of the Cult of the Dragon encampment, Enya and her party members got caught and revealed as spies. Rezmir, a high ranking cultist, quickly dispatched them with her arcane sorcery. Peregrim Goodbarrel was the only survivor.

A few weeks after the Cultist camp got abanoned – scouts from the Order of the Gauntlet found Enya’s corpse. One of the scouts recognized the Keres Family tabard and decided to bring her back to her family. With the help from the clerics of Tymora in the Lady’s Hall – Enya was brought back to life by a costly resurrection divine spell.

After a couple of weeks of recovering, Enya decided to resume to the adventuring lifestyle. (( Backup char ))

Enya Elanessë Keres [DECEASED]

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