Halmir Longfang

Paragon of the Ferocious Wilds; The Ebon Hand; Custodian of Hazirawn


The beginning
Halmir Longfang. Born as a true son of the Red Tiger Tribe in the Silver Marches.
When people living in the Silver Marches mentioned the wild and savage nature of the Uthgardt barbarians, they were usually speaking about the Red Tigers. The tribe acted aggressive and solitary.

The men of the Red Tiger tribe are strictly hunters and left the gathering and trading to the women, elderly, and children of the tribe. They believe the true test of a hunter is to bring down their prey unaided. To demonstrate their fighting prowess, many Red Tiger fighters prefers to fight unarmed rather than wield a large weapon.

However there are exeptions within the tribe. Halmir’s grandfather, Bergon Longfang, has become legend among the many Uthgar tribes in the Silver Marches. Not for hunting mere beasts, but for his supreme skill in taking down the mightiest of them all. Dragons. Halmirs parents both died while he was at a young age, so it was his grandfather and grandmother who raised him, and tought him how to fight. Bergon even tought Halmir how to speak the words of Draconic. Unlike most other Red Tiger barbarians, Bergon tought Halmir how to master both sword and axe.

When Halmirs grandparents passed, so did his feelings for his tribe. The other warriors mocked him for not taking part in the tribe tradition of unarmed fighting. He felt alone in a savage community. He never felt it was his purpose to hunt only to feed and protect his tribe. He was meant for greater things. And as such, one night he left. All he took with him aside from some rations and the clothes he walked in and his only treasure in life. The greatsword of his grandfather. “Drakblod.”


For months he wandered. He crossed great plains and large forests, traversed mountain passes, climbed peaks and made his way across soggy moors. He took great pleasure in being alone. Sharing the serenety of the wilds only with the beasts who took hold there. He felt closer to nature than ever, and he swore to himself, that wherever his travels would take him, he would fight to preserve the balance of the wilds. Halmir kept wandering towards the south, as if something in his soul drew him there. As he wandered, he could feel something change in him. As if a purpose to his existence rose withing him. As our story begins, Halmir found himself in the outskirts of Greenest. A city currently under siege by a dragon.

Halmir Longfang

(Session one)
Being the grandchild of a great dragonslayer, Halmir rushed inside the city to see if he could join the fight. He found a group of adventurers. The Bard Enya Elanessë Keres, the Paladin Jared Stromgarde and a tiny gnome claiming to have great arcane powers. His name was Peregrim Goodbarrel. The party drove off the kobold and dragon assault on the city and proceeded to follow the invaders. When the rest of the party decided to sneak into the raider camp, Halmir decided to remain in the forest they approached the camp from. Sneaking wasn’t his thing. He would never see Enya and Jared again…

(Session two)
Peregrim, after first being taken capture by what he learned to be some kind of dragon cultists, later escaped, and reunited with Halmir. With him he brought two new adventurers. The rogue, Agar Khan, and a Wild Elf, Karovan Wildheart.
Peregrim’s fighting spirit, and ability to survive, greatly impressed Halmir, and he has since looked upon the tiny creature with respect.
Halmirs first encounter with Karovan resulted in a test of strength between them. At first it seemed like an unprovoked act of violence, but shortly after Halmir realized it was just the savage one’s way of testing if Halmir was a capable adventurer.
Agar and Halmir didn’t really talk untill they at a later date arrived Baldurs Gate. After Halmir “took care” of a drunk local who was mocking Karovan, Agar got the remaining two thugs to pay for the rest of the inn that evening. Halmir has since continued to be impressed by the rogues ability to gather information and silently… “deal with” people being a threat to the party. After a long and perilous journey with a trade caravan, Halmir and the rest of the party now finds themselves arriving Peregrims hometown, Waterdeep.

(Session three)
In Waterdeep the party is asked to meet with a mysterious stranger. Upon entering his house they find themselves in a magic puzzle of sorts, where nothing seems to be real. Warping walls and talking doors. Magic like this confuses Halmir. Thankfully, many of his party members are much more adept at trickeries and arcane arts. After they leave the magical maze, the mysterious person only tells that they passed his first trial, and that he will meet with them soon. After a few days in Waterdeep, another caravan departs, along with many cultists. The party, once more, take on the disguise as caravan guards. The caravan stops at a warehouse. The cultists bring along many mysterious crates with goods, most of wich the party find out the cultists are transporting to an old castle in the nearby marsh.
After turning an ambush into a glorious victory, the warlock Eli Darkbane tricks the lizardfolk leader at the castle into believing he has bestowed a mortal curse upon him. The lizardman nearly shit his pants, and willingly decided to aid the party in taking control of the castle. After clearing all levels of hazards, including the caves below wich nearly drove Karovan into killing Halmir and then drown himself, they promote the lizardman to lead the castle in their absence. Trhough a telescope in one of the castle towers, the party takes notice of two elder black dragon siblings out in the marsh. They decide not to take further action against them at this point. Probably a wise decision.
They travel through a portal in the caves below the castle, only to find themselves outside a grand hunting lodge below a mountain. The lodge turns out to be owned by Karovan’s childhood friend, Talis. The party, however, quickly figures out that she has become a dragon cultist herself, fully indoctrinated by their cause. Tension rise, as the party kills Talis’ troll bodyguard and traverses traps and magical suits of armor in the first floor.

(Session four)
The final battle in the hunting lodge takes place. Halmir, Agar and Eli defeats Talis and her guards in battle. They take Talis as a prisoner for interrogation. She then reveals the location of a flying cloud giant fortress, currently used by the cultists for their nefarious deeds. She also tells them that one of the prisoners the party set free from Talis’ basement were a white dragon in dwarven form. After discussing back and forth, the three adventurers agree that Talis has truly lost her way to the cult. They kill her while in chains, in her own dungeon. Karovan is not present to watch it happen.
When arriving at the small village of Pentagast (trur eg…), the inhabitants there seems to be in denial, or simply to scared to talk, about the grand flying fortress that is currently sitting at the south end of the village.
Halmir, Agar and Eli infiltrates the fortress under the disguise as cultists. Inside many challenges await. They fight vywerns, cultists and a vampire. Most notably, however, they encounter a well known villain. Rezmir. After taking her half by suprise in her bedroom (not like that), they defeat her in combat. Halmir take note of the half-dragon’s greatsword, and picks it up. Opon lifting the dark, jagged blade, he feels a surge of gloomy energy traverse through his body. The blade turns out to be an ancient sword ful of powers. The blade is called Hazirawn. As painful as it is for Halmir to set aside his grandfathers sword, Drakblod, he realize the powers bestowed upon him through Hazirawn is a necessary to defeat the perils ahead of him and his companions.

Shortly after, the party unwillingly draws the attention of the fortress’ owned. A gigantic cloud giant, wielding a morning star bigger than Halmir himself. They are able to talk their way out of the situation, due to the fact that the giant isn’t really happy about having the dragon cult as his tennants. He agree to spare their lives if they rid him of his “dragon problem” in his basement. There is a white elder dragon that the party needs to get rid of. No small task…
The battle that follows is by any comparison the toughest challenge they’ve encountered on their travels as of yet. Under the direction of Agar, they battle by strength and tactics. The dragon swings and lashes. Also spewing great clouds of snow and ice. In the final stages of the battle, the dragon proves to mighty a foe for Halmir. The dragon fells him with a sweep of his tail, and breathes frost upon him untill he is encased in ice, slowly suffocating him. In a desperate attempt to strike the killing blow, Eli rushes in and swings his halberd. But the dragon does not die. He strikes back at Eli, leaving him with a sliver of health, sure to meed his demise in a few moments. Trembling with fear. In the moment before Eli and Halmir both are sent to the eternal afterlife, Agar loads his trusted crossbow, and send an arrow flying towards the wounded dragon. Almost as by divine intervention, the arrow hits the dragon right in a gaping wound made earlier by Halmir. The dragon shrieks, then trembles, then falls to the ground. Slain just a moment before it would all be over for the adventurers. Agar and Eli rush to free Halmir from his icy prison, that only moments later would have been his death. After recovering, the three rejoice in their merits. Ready to take on whatever danger their travels can throw at them. They shall now be known as dragonslayers.

Session five
Overburdoned with spoils of glory after defeating a mighty dragon, Agar, Eli and Halmir returned to waterdeep. Having aquired a massive ammount of treasure, the three agreed that now was the time to kickstart their very own order. Apex Incorporated. They bought a castle in waterdeep, communicated with the Lords Alliance, and recriuted soldiers, servants, thieves and spies to their organization. Halmir continued to feel more at home among the sivilized humans of waterdeep, his comrades Agar and Eli being the biggest influence.
When things started to get in order at their very own castle, the party ventured forth in the hunt for another dragonspeaker. Their path lead to an ancient tomb, where a once mighty person known as Tiberius was buried. After clearing the tomb of demons, mummies, and Yuan-Ti, they wisely decided to let Tiberius’ own sarcophagus remain unspoiled. A being with such a tomb would surely be a mighty foe in undead form.
The party then traveled towards the very north of the land, where they met a barbaric tribe who were living on an iceberg. Conveniently, the iceberg was also home to a being referred to as “Old White Death”. The party suspected another dragonfight was about to occur…

Session six
After weeks of absence, Karovan Wildheart, now known as Karovan Greenwarden, rejoined the party. He had spent time with his people since the death of Talis, but had now returned as he still felt a major imbalance in the forces of nature. Halmir took note that the once so savage druid now seemed to be more sivilized. And that the druid now had taken on the arts of powerful nature magic, more so than shapeshifting himself into savage beings. Surely these skills would come in handy when they were to take on their next foe, the white dragon, referred to as “Old White Death”.
After entering the dragons domain, prepared with protective magic and knowledge aquired from the white dragon fight from before, they soon found themselves in the path of another dragons fury. The battle was long, and the dragon proved to be a mighty foe. However, in the end, the party emerged victorious, and once again reveled in hoards of coin and gems.


When returning to Waterdeep, the feat did not go unnoticed by the Council members. To gain further strength against the Cult of Dragons, and to prevent the rise of Tiamat, Agar, Karovan and Halmir rode a great metallic dragon, who were now also a member of the Council, to a oeak in the Nether Mountains. Here they met with all the metallic dragon aspects. After much discussion, brokering and dealmaking, the metallic dragons agreed to join the alliance against the Rise of Tiamat. The party also agreed on a, hopefully, valuable deal with the Lords of Hell. Halmir felt the politics became more and more intricate the further their journey went on. Thankfully Agar seemed to have control of the intricate web of connections they were forming. Wich was to expect from the leader of Spysong.
The next destination in their travels were to be the forest of Mistwood, where they after mere hours found themselves in what seemed to be a gigantic underground cave with many unknown perils to overcome.

Session seven
As suspected, the cave was not a hospitable one. Inhabited by a green dragon. He fought fiercly and spewed poison, but in the end the party prevailed. Now seasoned dragon hunters. But the perils were not over. On they way back they were assaulted by a group of dragon cultists. The cultists were easily disposed of, but as soon as the cultists fell, an adult black dragon descended upon the adventurers. A fight of epic proportions unleashed. The dragon proved to be the toughest challenge the adventurers had faced to this date. Halmir fought bravely, standing in the front of the dragon to prevent it from assaulting Agar and Karovan. The dragon proved to be to mighty a foe to withstand for long. Halmir fell. In this moment, while the dragon was distracted, Agar loaded his crossbow with the final bolt of draonslaying. He let the bolt fly, his action further inspired by Karovans fierce war-cry. Just as the dragon was a bout to fiercely bite Halmir, the bolt hit the dragon in the middle of his left eye. The bolt sunk into the dragon’s skull. It let lose a terrifying cry of pain, before it sunk lifeless to the ground. Karovan came to Halmirs aid, restoring him to health.
Back in waterdeep the adventurers continued to manage their newly founded organization, Apex. More soldiers were hired and the rewards from the manufacturing branch were reaped. While in waterdeep, there was a fire in a church. Someone had barred all doors and windows and set the church ablaze. 34 believers were killed. The person or persons behind this foul act was not seen, but the party suspected a diabolic cult stood behind the act. They tracked them down to a hidden basement, and “disposed” of the cultists, simultaneously freeing many young women who were meant to be sacrificed. None the wiser if the cult had burned down the church or not, at least the party did good for Waterdeep this day.
A fourth council meeting took place. Halmir, Karovan and Agar branched out the aid of the five metallic aspects to aid five factions of the alliance, before they took on their next quest.
Intel provided that there was a deserter of the Cult of Dragons somewhere to the east of Waterdeep. He found refuge for the moment in a tower of legends, protected by a paranormal maze.


When they arrived at the maze it turned to be filled to the brim with puzzles, magic, danger and monsters. For days, hours or minutes, the party tried to traverse the maze. Due to the magical powers of the place, time was warped and what was real and not was hard to say. In the end, exhausted and battlw-worn, the party finally entered the tower, only to find more challenges waiting for them.

Halmir Longfang

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