Karovan Greenwarden. ( Referred to Wildheart in the past. )

Druid of the Moon - Member of the Harpers.


Before you stands a muscular and well built wood elf. His skin is light brown, with long brown hair, emerald green eyes and a savage look upon his face. His body is full of scars and tribal tattoos.

Karovan is usually clad in his large druidic robe, with a staff in his hand and his tribal Stag helmet on. Underneath his druidic robe – Karovan wears a white dragon scale mail made from the scales of Arauthator.



Karovan originally hails from Amn. He was born and raised with his tribe in the woods outside of Trademeet. Growing up amongst barbarians, feral druids and other savage folk, Karovan’s childhood was a harsh one. “Only the Strong will survive” has always been his way of life. Still a young druid from the Circle of the Moon – Karovan still needs to learn a lot before he can challenge the other higher ranking druids within the Circle – It is the Way of the Circle of the Moon, the strongest will always be on top of the ladder.
Often referred to as Shadow Druids because of their aggresive behaviour and attitude towards outsiders, even other “normal” Druids of the Land.

One day at the tribe encampment a visitor from the Sword Coast appeared. A travelling Shadow Druid, Faldorn, from a Circle located in the Cloakwood arrived as a guest. Karovan learned from her that his childhood friend, the half-elf Talis, had been spotted at the Sword Coast, close to Greenest. Deciding to follow up on this rumour – Karovan packed all his belongings and set out to track down his lost friend.
“There are none of the initates that come even close to match your feral prowess, young Druid. “Learn to master your mind and temper – Learn to master the other aspects of the Druidic Ways, and you may become one of the greatest. That will be your Quest during your travels in the outside World.”* – Karovan’s mentor last words before departure.

Karovan prefers to speak the Elven tongue, as his ability to speak common is not the greatest.
Not familiar with the ways outside of this Circle – Karovan is very distrusting towards other races and folk. His savage behaviour, combine with a short temper has gotten him into a lot of trouble already. He was recently captured by a group of cultists – trying to fight his way through their encampment alone, because they tried to damage nature herself.

His story thus far:

(Session One)
During his imprisonment Karovan met and befriended a few other captives. Agar Khan, a sneaky figure and skilled crossbowman. Eli Darkbane, another half-elf skilled in the dark arts of Wytcher and polearm fighting – and Leosin Erlanthar, yet another half-elf Monk.
Returning with valuable information about the cultists and their operation to Castellan Escobert the Red, Master of the Keep and Tarbaw Nightchill, Govenor of Greenest – they all were rewarded handsomely.
Not only managing to escape from the Raider’s Camp – Karovan, Agar Khan and Eli Darkbane ventured into the cave located inside the encampment. Inside the cave they ended the life of Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and Frulam Mondath, two of the cultist leaders. The three were also able to locate three un-hatched dragon eggs – As spoils of victory, they decided to keep one egg each, awaiting for it to hatch – hoping to handle and train their own dragon.

At first Karovan was sceptic towards joining up with these three other half-elves, but realizing that escaping from the raider encampment and defeating the cultists leaders inside the dragon hatchery would have been suicide without the assistance of their skill and expertise – also surprised that both Agar Khan and Eli Darkbane insisted to share every hard-earned treasure as equals. Karovan stumbled upon this agreement – as he was used to fight with his fellow tribesmen to earn the Right to a share of collected treasure and hunting spoils. Both impressed and surprised by the two half-elves, Karovan thought that they would prove very valuable in his search for Talis – and perhaps they would even be potential trusted allies one day.

(Session Two)
After collecting his reward and selling off all aquired loot – Karovan met up with two other of the escaped prisoners from the Raider’s encampment. Peregrim Goodbarrel, a forest gnome practiced in the arcane arts and Halmir, a savage human barbarian. Knowing that forest gnomes have a strong connection towards animals and forest, Karovan had no problems with accepting Peregrim as a new partymember. Uncertain of Halmir, Karovan had to test his strength and bravery for approval. Finding Halmir’s aggressive reaction to Karovan’s provocation to his liking, Halmir showed sign of not being intimidated, thus being fully accepted into the group as well.

After meeting up with Laosin again, the freshly assembled party was set on a path to track down the cultists from the Raider’s encampment – setting sail for Baldur’s Gate, they met up with Onthar Frume, a paladin from the Order of the Gauntlet, and his merchant friend, Ackyn Selebon. Agreeing to join the caravan from Baldur’s Gate, the party had to keep a close eye on the cultists and follow their path. The party also got an offer to join the Order of the Gauntlet or the Harpers – everyone agreeing to that joining up with the Harpers would be the wiser choice.

the Harpers symbol:


Agar, Peregrim and Halmir all found work with ease in the caravangroup – Karovan, more savage and not known for his way with humanoids, was not approached by a single offer. Instead catching a nobleman threatening and beating his horses, Karovan quickly decided to set the punished animals free. This action provoked the nobleman and his guardsmen – resulting in a fight. The party had no problems matching them in combat, resulting in death for the nobleman and his lackeys.

Another noteworthy event took place – the party assisted a magical stag against local hunters. The stag transferred to an elven prince afterwards, sharing his story about how he got cursed. As a reward for their assistance – the party was given a magical long bow. The party continuted their travels with the caravan, arriving in the glorious city of Waterdeep.

(Session Three)
Successfully infiltrating the cultist ruined tower, with the help of a now allied Tribe of Lizardmen – Karovan and his companions found a teleporting portal inside the tower – leading them outside to a snowy area. Upon arrival the party saw a grand hunters lodge infront of them. Deciding to pay the master of the lodge a visit – the party agreed upon entering the lodge. Karovan not known for his etiquette and manner, lead the way with bursting inside.

Talis, Karovan’s lost friend was the owner of the lodge. Happy and relieved to see that his old friend was still alive, Karovan quickly sensed that their was something changed about Talis. Corrupted and fallen into darkness, Talis had joined the side of the evil cultists. Forced to action – the party dispatched with Talis and her associates in the lodge. Done with his personal quest for travelling to the Sword Coast, Karovan decided to leave the party and return to his tribe in Amn.

(Session Four)
Pondering and meditating upon what he had seen and experienced at the Sword Coast, what to do now, where to go – Karovan found no answers.

Seeking council with his old mentor in Amn – Karovan told his mentor about his experiences with at the Sword Coast ,the cultist activity, his companions and about the faith of Talis.

“What shall I do, great Oalian? My journey to the Sword Coast is over for now. My tribe is here in Amn – but there is a disturbance in the force of Nature at the Sword Coast. – Karovan seeking council from his mentor, Oalian the Treant.

Oalian grumbling without saying anything comprehensive for almost an entire week, he finally came with an answer – Not what Karovan expected.
“You already know the answer to your question, young Druid.”

Spending time with his tribe and reflecting over Oalian’s answer, and his own journey at the Sword Coast – Karovan knew, that he had to return to his companions, aiding them on their quest against the evil cultists’ plaguing the Sword Coast – and finding an answer to the great disturbance threatening the balance of Nature.

“Your journey and destiny lies ahead of you, Guardian of Nature. Use everything you have learned and experienced in the civilized world to serve and protect Mother Nature. Arise – and henchforth you shall be known as Karovan Greenwarden.

(Session Five)
Karovan returned to Waterdeep to rally up with his friends and Companions once more, but shortly after arriving at the Apex Incoporated Castle – he was told that they had left on an adventure to the Frozen North – in search of a great white dragon called Arauthator.

Using tree stride nature Magic and wildshaping to flying beast forms, Karovan quickly travelled North – and joined up with the other members of Apex Incoporated. There was no time to recap and rejoice, as the Companions were standing inside Arauthator’s Lair, danger was lurking right nearby. With the help of Maccath, a tiefling magician, the Companions found Arauthator – resulting in a grand victorious Battle. This was the first real encounter with a dragon for Karovan. Never having met any creature or beast as powerful as Arauthator the White Dragon – Karovan was impressed by such a creature.
“Your heart has been corrupted by evil. You were tipping the Balance in Nature towards chaos. Your life had to come to an end, but your fighting spirit will remain within your dragon scales – I shall wear them as my armour in honor of you.” – Karovan’s last words to the dying White Dragon Arauthator – before collecting her scales.

(Session Five)
The few weeks Karovan had been together with his friends and fellow Apex Incorporated members had been indeed busy. Meeting with legendary dragons, council meetings in Waterdeep with all of Apex Incoporated allies and many new Places to visit. Although Karovan has a more civilized approach to the world outside of his tribe – he is still not very fond of spending a lot of time in one place, especially not in a populated city like Waterdeep.
Having full trust that Agar, Eli and Halmir will do what is best for the Alliance – Karovan does not attend all of the council Meetings.
“Do not worry, Wilfred. The dark presence that has put its grip around the Sword Coast will soon come to an end. We are very close finding the Source of this evil. When Balance has been restored – we will make our way into the wilderness once more.” – Karovan reassuring Wilfred that their future does not bring more time spent in humanoid civilization.

Karovan Greenwarden. ( Referred to Wildheart in the past. )

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