Peregrim Goodbarrel

Archmage extraordinaire of Waterdeep


Before you stands a short, somewhat stocky yet dashing looking gnome. As far as gnomes goes he looks to have an average weight yet a smaller stature then most gnomes seen, indicating he’s a forest gnome.
A cheerful chap with a sly smile clad in light clothing and a wizards hat seemingly too big for his head. Dark hair, brown eyes and a stubble-fullbeard. He carries with him a light crossbow, a very small dagger and a staff one can only assume contains immense power.


Born in the high forest not far from Waterdeep, Goodbarrel spendt his early years as most other forest gnomes. Living a reclusive life not wanting to take part in otherworldly problems and strife’s. Content in his youth practicing illusion spells to keep bandits and trespassers at bay, talking with the local birds and beasts of the wild and aiding the community in ways he knew how.

Years passed and Peregrim grew older, not taller tho’, never taller…. And unlike his forest gnome friends his curiosity slowly but surely started to get the better of him. He longed for adventure and knowledge, he wanted to learn more, and thought Azuths chosen surely should progress in his arcane ways. After all being an archmage of the high forest was nothing much to brag about.
He packed his bags, said his farewells and made way to Waterdeep.

In Waterdeep he spent years working as a sage learning the lore behind the multiverse, scoured manuscripts, studied scrolls, and listened to the greatest experts of the subjects that interested him – which in turn made him a master in his fields of study.

His knowledge increased but with it curiosity grew. Now every 5th night he awoke from the same nightmare he had five days before. Always the same. Always the eyes. After months the urge became too great and again the gnome would leave safe surroundings for the unknown in search for answers, knowledge and POWER (queue dramatic sound effects: Duh duuuh DUUUUUH!!). He ventured along the trade way from Waterdeep – his goal? Greenest.

Dear diary, things have gone badly wrong. I now find myself in a cell not knowing if I’ll survive the coming days. It all started so well in greenest. We saved the town and fought off a dragon. Killed countless kobolds and even some ambush drakes. And now I’m sitting here in a pool of my own shit and piss – why? Well I dont really know, it hasn been a day yet, I think I got scared good.
The barbarian lost his tracks in the night and must have wandered off. Myself, and the no-nipplehaving foulmouthed whore and the dragonkin made an ill attempted sneak-about. But that barmaid made too much noise and got us all almost killed.. Well.. They ACTUALLY got killed, and I’m next. Aaaaaaaaah… You would think an archmage of the high forest, chosen of Azuth, GRANDMASTER! would fare better – but no.

Hmm.. But I wonder is all truly lost? I see there are other prisoners here wondering how the hell I’m able to write being a prisoner and all , well, I’ll tell them and then tell them the grand plan for my escape of this hellhole! ONWARDS TO FREEDOM!

Peregrim Goodbarrel

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