Apex Incorporated


“Success is Everything”

Apex Incorporated was founded by Agar Khan, Eli Darkbane and Halmir.
Their goals and operations are unknown at this point. The Apex headquarters is rumored to be located in Waterdeep, but this information has not been confirmed.

Organization structure

Apex is split into 4 branches, all ruled over by a leading council.

The Ebon Guard

The Ebon Guard represents the military might of Apex. Tasked with both the defense of the organization aswell as a deployable mercenary division, the Ebon Guard is a cornerstone of the organization.


Spysong is the informative network of Apex. It consists primarily of spies, informants, bards and beggars. Information is the key to success, and this evergrowing network aim’s to be the best.


Incarnum is the combined spellcasting power of Apex. Consisting of clerics, wizards, sorcerers and warlocks.

The Black Hand

The Black hand is the hidden hand of Apex. Unlike the other divisions, this one is cloaked in secrecy and is unkown to anyone but the councilmembers. This group is tasked with any missions requiring utmost secrecy and finesse.

When the Council of Waterdeep was organized, the head of the Apex and his officers were given seats at the table alongside The Lords’ Alliance, The Harpers, The Order of the Gauntlet, The Emerald Enclave and the Zhentarim.

Apex Incorporated

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